Pia Müller

born in Wittlich



Curriculum vitae



1994 - 1998 Apprenticeship/employment as dressmaker, in Piesport

1998 - 1999 Interior design school in Trier

1999 - 2006 Study of liberal arts „Inter Media“ by Prof. D. Hausig and

Prof. U. Rosenbach, at HBKsaar (college of arts in Saarbrücken)

2006 diploma/nomination to honor student

2006 - 2008 Honor student of Prof. D. Hausig


Secondary employment

2000 - 2008 Assistant in the city gallery (for art) Saarbrücken

2002 - 2006 Student assistant at HBKsaar (college of arts in Saarbrücken)

2006 - 2008 Department student representative and part of the college senate

2009 - Teaching / art projects at the primary school in Wittlich-Bombogen

2011   one member form the mangement of the art society "GB-Kunst"

2012   work as a pedagogical assistant for the museum "Simeonstift" Trier   

Award/ scholarship

2010-2012 Mentoring Projekt for jung femail artists in RLP

2009 „Kinder zum Olymp“ (kids to olymp) 3rd place of the school competition

2007 Trier, „Kunstpreis Robert Schuman 2007“ (art award Robert Schuhman 2007)


2007 Luxemburg, residence-scholarship, „CPCA-DancePalce“

2006 Berlin: Berlinale-Talent-Campus