air pavilion

The former newspaper kiosk in the City of Luxemburg is the cause and the location of the work Luftpavillion (air pavilion) at the same time. In the installation the kiosk is revitalized with stories and memories; atmosphere with the aid of lightfoil/ movie and performance.


What if there were no more kiosk?

How would our descendents react, if they would excavate a fossil?


In the performance the artist prepares a phone booth in front of the kiosk as a lab assistant. The inside of the phone both is transferred into a kiosk. The lab assistant analyses different items out of the kiosk within the booth, there is a video camera installed over that table, wich broad casts the view of the camera live directy onto a screen in front of the kiosk.

Scenes of the story of the location occur:

Like a robbery or a love romance between smarties; a gun out of licorice shoots a gummy bear... There scens are being played on small screens during the exhibition.

Videoinstallation with performance