coffee to offload

Coffee to offload! is an interactive, long-term performacne. It is a performance in wich only one single visitor can temporarly take part. The underlying Idea of this performance is coaling with burnout. This medical condition can be based on stress, problems or an addiction. To avoid burnout, wich affects all walks of life, this psychological and mental sress shouldnot be repressed, but "offloaded". The pivotal question of the performance is: How is it possible to avoid burnout?


The video provides directions/ guidance. Initially it seems as if a coffee party is taking place. However, there is no cake, but instead a cookie in the form ao a woman or a man,--- respective sex of the visitor. Accorrding to the instructions the visitor is meant to offload all their emotional garbage onto the cookie. To be able to rid oneself of this emotional garbage the cookie must be destroyed in the end. This is a playful approach to find a eay to handle problems in oure life-time.