mounument think!

What are you?

You are on little jut or podium on historic buildings, walls and house corners. You sit enthroned over hands, from there you can easily spit on us. A light has to shine on you in order for one of us to see you. Your hard, cold but also soft curves appear as a frozen frame of previous times. Since romanticism you stand full of strength on Christian face of buildungs, to shine as a mirror towards the ghosts and daemons. Today your heritage is forgiven; clinic bare tubes are now in your corners. Beat the numbness for one moment.


A vice-performance, that plays with one of the nummerous historic moments of a city like Trier. The waterspout, gargoyle he has given up his original duty. Or is he still guarding our buldings from ghosts and daemons!


This play an three meter hight jut working with the voice, creating an atmosphere, angry to running dry, crouching, "it" stands there. Make the voices of the "small" arts heard and set a moment between the "big ones" of the Stadtmuseum Simeonstift ( city museum).