small family tree

A family tree is a graph wich displays the descendent of a person or a family. The assembly of a family tree is part of the personal ancestry research. I am reaching the age where my grandparants are leaving me an my generation is having kids. That's when I ask myself the question: How do I see my family future?


Within the photo work I am accomanied by tituar saints of my falily, wich is not taken into accout when choosing names these days. In the past the naming was linked to saint of the birthday or the christening. This made people hope that their child will have the heavendly aid of the titular saint, will be patronized by him and will have their special virtue. In short "Nomen es omen", as the lation expression says "the name is a sign". In my family this bond still exists: from my grandparents to me.


A bond between new and old.

The sticjery as one of the old medias and hpotography as a new medium, finding the bond betwen saint and the personal picture stich by stich.

eight pictures digital-print on linen stiched with gold-thearen